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Owning a top-class GoPro Drones camera is perfect for getting on the ground shots and even underwater video clips, but for those eye-catching aerial clips, the camera has yet to learn to fly. A drone is needed to lift the GoPro cameras high into the air to take a video of the surrounding area and see things that the naked eye cannot catch on the ground. Are you looking to take professional shots for an intro video or provide some perspective on a location where it’s difficult to get a sense of its scale? Either way, a visual shot or video clip from the air affords that new perspective that changes everything.

There are many types of drones capable of mounting GoPro cameras. Each GoPro drone has different specifications. Some handle heavier payloads to carry Top Camera Drones and accessories. A few have improved stabilization technologies to avoid wobbling while in motion. There’s also gimbals which use multiple axes balancing to keep the camera level for accurate imagery taken at a consistent angle. If you are in doubt that what GoPro should I buy, then check out the following list of top-quality drones for GoPro drones. Here, we review the best drones for sale suitable to hold drones for GoPro cameras on sale below.


UNDER $200

  • SYMA X8G

    The first on our list is the Syma X8G drone. For under $200, it’s an affordable drone that fits a GoPro camera properly. Even if you don’t already own a GoPro and want to use this product as a standalone, then, fortunately, it already comes with its Full HD 8-megapixel camera. While one shouldn’t expect incredible shots to be captured perfectly with this onboard camera given the price of this drone/camera all-in-one package, it is still nice to have it there either gopro camera dronebefore buying a Best GoPro or as a temporary backup should it become damaged. The connectors are easy to swap out with the GoPro too. One of the best features on the X8G drone is the 6-axis gyro stabilization system that provides excellent image stabilization and improved stable flying capabilities in one. This best GoPro ready drone can rotate fully through 360-degrees for the final panoramic shot. There is also a hovering mode to hold the position for monitoring and recording purposes, and a headless mode is also present. The flight duration is a limited 12 minutes, and the range is only 100 meters so that one won’t be flying it all around local parks. The attractively designed best GoPro drone designs for sale in 2017 makes for a good starter model for sure.


    Looking a little bit like a flying spider, the Ionic-Stratus Drone with GoPro is our most affordable model to date. Even despite its cheapness, it still has a headless mode which makes it less of a worry which section is at the front and which is at the rear when scanning the sky for the drone. There are LED lights that help indicate where the drone is in the night sky and whether you’re looking at the front or the back of the Ionic-Stratus. The single key 3D rolls are aniconic status drones interesting feature to play around within the air. The single key return feature sends the drone back to base quickly. The flight time is a short 10 minutes, with a range of up to 150 meters. Landings are easier on the drone body because it is built to be shock resistant with a strong cradle head. At the lowest pricing and when not needing either a long-distance or extended flight time, then the Iconic-Stratus hits a good number of high points, added features, and a robustness that would usually only be expected in a more expensive product. So this is the best Drone for GoPro in this small range of Price.

$200 TO $500


    Are you on the hunt for a drone with a reliable GoPro mounting system to avoid the loss of a camera during flight, then it’s hard to skip past the Aee Technology’s AP9. This one is up there as a quality flying piece of equipment that offers perhaps the best security for expensive cameras fitted into mounts. It is fair to say that other drones in our list are better than the Aee Technologies one, however, based on a fair comparison of price vs. performance, it’s hard to fault the value offered here. This drone doesn’t include its camera, so a GoPro is needed to provide recording best place to buy a goprocapabilities during flight. The best drone for GoPro mount support is included within the design. The drone is faster than many through the air reaching impressive speeds of 40-44 MPH. There is a cruising mode where the drone travels at a sedate 22 MPH that offers a satisfactory speed to perform fly byes from one side of the property to another to create attractive, perfectly usable aerial video captures. The improved flight duration of 25 minutes is more than adequate for many aerial tasks. With a range of 500-meters without any lag with communication over the full spectrum, the AP9 impresses in several different ways.


    The XiroEplorer G is the most popular drones for GoPro cameras, holds a value-packed drone that offers some useful features while sacrificing others to make it affordable. There is no camera included with this GoPro compatible drone. The gimbal which helps to stabilize the camera for better shots is a 3-axis one that does an excellent good job of keeping the shot stable even during sharp turns. The stability of video capture and photos were taken while in-flight will impress even the pickiest of buyers here. The supplied controller works with a smartphone that provides the xipro xplorer gviewscreen to see a live preview of what the camera is seeing. There are a few nice little features that will come in handy. The features include a hovering one, a circle near me one for taking 360-degree nearby aerial shots, and the following feature to have the drone keep pace with your relative position. The 25-minute flight time is excellent for a drone in this price bracket. The range is 500 meters, so the controller’s compatibility with a smartphone comes in very handy. The XiroXplorer G is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t need a gimbal with greater than 3-axis or an included camera.


    The mix of the black body and red color scheme creates a somewhat sinister look to the Traxxas Aton drone. This product is produced in the USA by Traxxas and comes with a solid GoPro mount. The payload is reasonable, but not expensive. However, this model is perfectly capable of holding a GoPro without difficulty. There is not one, but two GPS systems onboard and should you overshoot, the air brakes will slow the speed of the drone in flight to allow it to change direction sooner. The two flight modes (film and sport) offer responsive handling methods that are different from most other drones on the market. For night flying, beyond the red and black color-coding, the LED light bar is traxxas 7908 atonparticularly bright to make it easier to spot the drone and orient it correctly. The sports mode pushes the drone speed up to 50 MPH. There is a filming option that ensures slower, smoother flying with improved responsiveness through the controls. The flight time of 15 minutes sits on the lower end of the flight time with the circa 300-meter distance also doing the same. This drone is as much about having fun flying it around at speed as it is about taking great aerial shots while it’s in the air. However, for taking shots of the scenery, especially at longer distances, other choices might be preferable. So all credit goes to best Drones for GoPro!!!


    The Walkera QR X350 Pro is an attractive drone that packs in many useful features in a compact package. Firstly, it has a GPS system for accurate navigation during any weather. The altitude hold feature allows the controllers to get the drone to a height of their choosing and then keep it there. For easy return to base capabilities, the single key walkera qr x350return is a user-activated return feature that saves having to direct the drone home personally. Beyond this, the fail-safe automatic return to base capability goes one step further by allowing the drone to fly back home even when the controller is not working properly. The capable DEVO7 transmitter is used to control the drone’s actions from a distance, so that should never happen anyway. The in-flight time is up to 25 minutes with the QR X350 Pro which is excellent. Adding a gimbal (purchased separately) to the existing setup will deliver smoother images, and clearer video than the existing cheapest GoPro-compatible housing allows, but the installed setup is still adequate here.


    3D Robotics produces the Iris plus drone. It is a classy looking piece of gear for various airborne activities. The generous payload of 400 grams supports a single GoPro drone camera because even when using the supplied casing 3dr irisfor a GoPro, the weight only then reaches 150 grams. The drone is an uncomplicated no-fuss variety that only needs charging and adding several props. Just slot the GoPro inside, and let’s go! The fight time here is between 16-22 minutes depending on how much of the 400-gram payout capacity is utilized. The range of 800 meters, along with the increased payout carrying ability are the two areas where the Iris+ excels. It’s classy exterior also doesn’t disappoint either.

OVER $500


    The DJI Phantom2 V2.0 paired with the new and improved Zenmuse H4-3D is a formidable combined package that hasn’t escaped our notice. The Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal has been replaced by their newer H4-3D version which is included here. The gimbal doesn’t auto-install either. It must be fitted and calibrated using software included from DJI. Once the software has been calibrated correctly, the GoPro will move in sync with the attached gimbal to helpdji phamtom keep video and image capture perfectly steady. This cheap GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is the camera model that can take advantage of all the latest Zenmuse H4-3D stabilization features, but other GoPros are also usable with it too. For flight time, a 25-minute hard limit is set. The range is an impressive 1-kilometer, give or take the local terrain. The build quality of this drone is excellent with stronger, thicker arms able to withstand bumpier landings and the camera housing offering some degree of protection too. The color-coded strips to identify the front from the back is discrete.


    In the personal drone world, the Yuneec brand has quickly become synonymous with quality production. Their Typhoon G product is no exception and extends out the popularity of their brand which has produced a long line of rapid releases sporting new advancements. Besides their other impressive Q500 model, the Typhoon G is their premium GoPro compatible drone with cameras. The range of features includes a watch me feature to focus on you, a circle near us feature for circular visuals, a follow me feature to lead the drone by altering your location, and an yuneec typhoonaltitude hold feature to keep its elevation steady during flight. The included gimbal supports 3-axis for producing video clips with less movement in the frame. It makes it simple to mount a GoPro too, but will also fit some other popular GoPro action cameras too. The stability for control and video capture is excellent. The model comes with a transmitter. The ST10+successfully receives an in-flight image over 800 meters without noticeable lag making it easier to use during the flight. The flight time is a middle of the range 20 minutes, rather than the 25 minutes one might expect to see here. For most people, this will still be sufficient for their needs, though.

  • 3DR SOLO

    The 3DR Solo is quite a popular model used by drone enthusiasts who clip their drones for GoPro cameras in easily. The package comes with a carrying case that’s hard enough to protect all the equipment inside. There are eight props provided (so if a few breaks during flight by hitting some branches on a tree, your flight time isn’t over just yet), a spare battery, and a GoPro gimbal. The 3DR Solo has not one but two computer processors inside. The first processor 3dr solo droneis installed within the drone itself and the second processor is fitted inside the dedicated controller. A Wi-Fi signal is used to communicate between the controller and the drone. Using this type of signal improves both the range and reactive speed of the communication. There are a few modes included which let the drone fly on its own, so the focus is placed on timing the ideal shot or getting some video footage over the correct location. The shooting modes alone make this model attractive for anyone looking to take incredible aerial footage on their own. The in-flight duration is a consistent 20 minutes with the spare battery allowing for a return to base, battery replacement, and another flight immediately afterward. The range of this drone is approximately 800 meters which is not too shabby.


    Among the few quality waterproof drones on the market, Mariner 2 from Glarus stands out. The concept of an amphibious UAV is an interesting one. Given that GoPros can be made waterproof up to a certain depth, the idea of a waterproof drone is a curious one. Indeed, the GoPro casing, connectors, frame, and transmitter can be made to operate even when the water has been splashed on them. With that said, the Mariner 2 is not designed to work when completely submerged. The gimbal which is a 2-axis variety controls the position of the GoPro is itself waterproof best gopro priceallowing for both the camera and its gimbal housing to become wet without stopping its operation. The gimbal is not as nimble as other 3-axis or even 6-axis alternatives, but at least it does permit an angling down to get the right shot at the appropriate moment. There is a dedicated controller supplied and also a smartphone app which works equally well in commanding the Mariner 2. Creating a new route with waypoints is simple via either controller or app, and then let the drone take off on its way. Getting too low over the water could spell disaster for drone equipment that is not waterproof. Operating a separate GoPro-compatible drone for flying over bodies of water like human-made lakes and raging rivers is slightly less risky with this model than other options. There’s clearly more peace of mind to be had here and some nice added features too.


    The gray hue and tentacle-like appearance of this hexacopter, the WalkeraTali H500, is certainly one of its standout features and most expensive drone. However, this model is packed with equally impressive options for hardcore drone users. Firstly, the GPS included here is about as accurate as one could ever hope for. The improved control is pleasant to have. There are also a few added features for hovering, holding the current altitude, and some other familiar ones. There is a 1080p capable camera included with the drone. It’s capable, but nothing like a drone for Go Pro for walkera tail h500capturing wide-angle panoramic views. The brushless G-3D gimbal is included and fitted above the removal camera. This gimbal (3-axis) houses several Go Pro drone camera models. The transmitter is impressive to its right. The DEVO F12E communicates across 12 channels. It displays OSD, telemetry and FPV readings on its 5-inch screen. There is an exclusive Advanced Intelligence Orientation Control system from the manufacturer, a circle me to feature, a position holds feature, original key return to base features, and a failsafe back to base function when communication is cut off, and the battery is running low. The 5,400mAh 22.2-volt LiPo battery supports a flying time of 25 minutes. The range is 500 meters. No on-screen lag was detectable on display. The improved GPS, 25-minute flight time, 3-axis gimbal, and failsafe return to base feature are the standouts here.


Do you know what is the best GoPro camera? Before buying a drone, looking at the good GoPro camera to purchase is an important consideration. Because of this, we will now provide a brief review of the best GoPro camera choices available today. The GoPro range increases quickly in price depending on the features requirement, so it’s important not to buy more camera than one needs as it increases the total cost of drone ownership when you think about it. Here are a few of the popular and most expensive drone that can carry GoPro cameras available today:

  • GoPro HERO

    From the early days, the Hero models remain popular for its affordability while still offering matching or better features of the GoPro than newer rivals. The HD video capture is one of the areas where it may or may not provide enough for your needs. With 1080p Full HD video recording, it can achieve 30 fps. However, at 720p video, it’s able to record at 60 frames per second. There is no 4K video recording or high-end photography available here. The 5-gopro heromegapixel lens takes single shots, burst photos, and time-lapses. The model is waterproof down to 40m and also withstands a little rain up to a point. Overall, what you get here is an entry-level camera that offers access to excellent video recording, and a decent photo-taking an opportunity, without wowing anyone with the features that are a couple of years behind the development curve. Few YouTube videos are uploaded with the 4K standard today. Partly this is due to the cumbersome, huge file size even on faster broadband connections and also because few people have the gear to record to this standard yet.


    Take the newest model, the GoPro Hero5 Black. This product is a far more modern version of the original GoPro idea. The video capture is up to 4K video standard for the widest possible shots and detail. Photos using a variety of imagego pros for sale modes can be snapped up to 12-megapixels for incredible depth. The GoPro camera itself is initially waterproof up to 10 meters, with greater depths possible with waterproof housing. Video and image content can automatically be uploaded to a cloud account provided by GoPro (it’s also feasible to turn this feature off too). A convenient 2-inch display is provided for some rapid editing and trimming down of recorded footage to share the latest recordings with the world sooner.


    The Session range now has its latest entrant, the GoPro camera Hero5 Session. Much like the Black model described above, it also supports 4K video recording. There is support for various modes to take a burst of rapid-fire photos, set gopro hero sessionup and record a timelapse, and take individual shots through its 10-megapixel lens. Impossibly small and sturdy considering what it’s capable of delivering to you, it’s also waterproof, comes with a more stable image capturing, and with audio recorded clearer than with previous models.


That concludes our roundup of the most impressive GoPro drones. Pleasingly, there are drones available for virtually every pocket with models under $200 right to ones well into the four figures for the best uses of GoPro. We hope you found our brief review of the top 3 GoPro camera models useful as well.

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